Superior craftsmanship, lasting value, and a commitment to customer satisfaction are qualities you feel as you step into a Joy- built home. We understand the importance in building to reflect our client’s individual dreams and desires, while carefully building within the framework of their budget and schedule. You can rest assured: Joy Design + Build delivers total satisfaction. All. The. Time.

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Imagining your dream home

Bringing your vision to life.

We know your time is valuable and you’ll only trust your dream home to someone who understands your vision and has the capability to build it.

That’s why the first meeting with John is “on his dime.” Working with your budget and creative input, John listens. Considering the size, location, indoor to outdoor living spaces, and other design priorities, he’ll quickly pick up on your style and the personalization you’re seeking.

For the next meeting, John and his award-winning architect partners will turn your ideas into sketches right before your eyes. We want you to have a smooth and enjoyable homebuilding process where nothing is left to chance.

With our “custom concierges,” we take the heavy lifting out of every phase of your project. Handling almost everything for you, we only ask for your involvement when absolutely necessary so you can continue living your life.

Finding your perfect lot

The place you’ll call home.

Every dream home needs a dream location. If you don’t currently own your building lot and we don’t have the perfect property already in our inventory, we’ll find it. Usually within weeks.

We’ve been doing this a long time. We know the neighborhoods, property values and county permitting processes throughout Fairfax and Arlington counties. We actively pursue and purchase lots for the perfect platform on which to build your dream home.

If you decide on a design + build project, we’ll start with sourcing the right lot in your chosen neighborhood. And, if needed, lenders who offer some of the best lot purchase and construction-to-permanent financing around.

Looking to add a wing, an extra floor, or build an entirely new interior inside a treasured exterior? If your goal is a complete home renovation or expansion of your existing home, our creative and competent team will find the best ways to utilize the land on your lot and address any municipal issues.

John will walk you through the various options before inviting you to tour Joy-designed homes for fresh ideas and capabilities.
We keep a couple of unique lots with pre-approved permitting underway at all times, and in only the best locations. One just might be the perfect fit!

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custom home bathroom

Designing your home

Blueprints, budget and zoning. Oh my.

We work closely with the area’s most trusted and sought-after architectural firms. But if you’re already working with an architect, we look forward to fostering a great relationship with them as we have done with many others.

During the all-important blueprint phase, John and your chosen architects and designers will translate your vision; incorporating views, topography, and other environmental considerations into the concept.

Adding windows to maximize natural light and enhancing the flow from indoor to outdoor living is a key element in all Joy-designed homes. And with every design element, we anticipate your evolving life needs- sometimes before you even realize them.

Your project’s scope of work, investment amount, and construction documents are finalized during this stage. Typically, our custom homes cost an average of $3 million but can run as high as $8 million.

Half of our clients pay cash, a fourth pay cash for the lot and finance construction, and the other fourth finance the entire purchase with a down payment of 20 to 25 percent.

Through a collaborative effort, the complete project parameters are flushed out and finalized; ready for municipality review and permitting.

Bringing your living space to life

Time to visit the showrooms.

Your interior finishes, which include flooring, fixtures, cabinets, lighting, appliances, and the many other indulgences that make a house a home, start to come together now! These personal aesthetic choices create the look and feel you always dreamed of having.

Don’t underestimate the value of our complimentary design service and expertise, which is part of every Joy Design + Build project.

Our vendor partners and your Design Concierge understand this highly personal process, and help guide you through the myriad of decisions and details, while keeping you on task and on budget. And of course, they are always happy to accompany you to the showrooms.

custom home bathroom
custom home exterior

Breaking ground

Building the dream.

Your new home’s construction phase begins with a pre-construction meeting where we review your plans and provide a detailed overview of the construction process.

Once ground is broken, the excitement begins. You will be working with your Project Manager during this phase of the project, finalizing any interior finish selections with our Design Concierge and making landscaping decisions with our Landscape Concierge.

Every home has a different completion period, but you will quickly realize once construction begins, things come together in a hurry.

Your Project Manager keeps you informed every step of the way, and when construction begins to wrap up, you’ll be informed of your targeted completion date.

Delivering the dream

It’s moving day.

Before you move in, John and your concierges will provide a walkthrough of your new home, creating a list of any last-minute items that needs attention.

During the walkthrough, all of your questions and concerns will be addressed. You’ll learn about all the custom features and receive instructions on proper maintenance practices.

You’ll feel the excitement build as you walk through every room, your vision completed and on full display. We know you’ll love it.
And yes, we bring tissues.

custom home living room

Ready to Talk?

At Joy Design + Build, we make your dream a reality. Come meet with us, share the vision of your home, and let the building begin!

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