If you’ve ever done a little channel surfing on the TV, you’re sure to find a dozen shows focused on home renovations. Home remodeling is all the rage nowadays. However, when contemplating a whole home remodel, you need more than the DIY network can provide. At Joy Design + Build, the process to amend your current home is not dissimilar to that of building a custom home from the ground up. Let’s start a conversation about creating a lifestyle solution for your home.

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The Challenge

This mid-sized lot was left abandoned and unused for years. Redevelopment of the lot with a new home was restricted by the topography, flood plain, as well as health department and septic field restrictions. The only way we could achieve any redevelopment of this property for the client was to renovate the existing dilapidated structure.

The Solution

The renovation was restricted to 150% of the original house to take advantage of
using the existing drain field, since a new field was not possible to achieve. The front porch has cantilevered beams to keep additional weight away from the existing in-ground septic tank. We took off the roof, relocated the stairs and raised the height of the main floor walls to 10’ high.

after image of restored house

John’s credibility and contacts made our house possible! We bought a troubled lot, which the county had placed countless restrictions on. After our first meeting we knew that John was the man to take on our challenging lot and that he had the proven record to work with the county to build our dream home. John and his team worked tirelessly and creatively to find a solution to each dilemma that we faced. Their depth of knowledge allowed us to bring our vision to reality.

Sarah Shamess
McLean, Virginia

A Lesson on Lots

We offer a “build on your lot” program for home buyers that wish to build on their own property. Joy Design + Build will construct a custom home specifically to fit on your lot. Alternatively, if you do not currently own a lot, but wish to purchase one, finding an ideal home site can sometimes be a hassle and an exercise in humility. At Joy Design + Build, we are often approached by developers, realtors and individuals with fantastic opportunities for tear downs before they are ever published on Bright Multiple Listing System (MLS). In addition, we have a robust prospecting program in practically every neighborhood in the McLean and Arlington areas, which provides us with undisclosed and unavailable market knowledge about future lot availability. Let us know where you want to build you dream home, and we’ll scour the earth until we find the ideal lot for your inspired investment by Joy Design + Build.

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It’s all in the details

Since its beginnings, Joy Design + Build has maintained a reputation of integrity, honestly and superb quality. Our construction team has worked tirelessly to handpick the finest subcontractors, suppliers, and artists to ensure that each home is built with great skill and quality materials. We create homes of enduring value and that are built with care and pride in craftmanship; and relationships that extend far beyond the closing table.


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