Looking for one point of contact to build your dream home?

Want someone you trust to manage everything from estimation, assessments, schematics, design, engineering, subcontracting, construction, vendors, and post-construction?

A design-build firm may be for you:

In the design-build model, in contrast to design-bid-build (the traditional project delivery method), you have one-stop shopping for design and construction.

Concurrently, architects and engineers begin architectural, mechanical and electrical system assessments and review any existing floor plans, fire and smoke preparations, interior room finishes, and structural systems. Surveyors perform a field assessment of your site to ready it for construction.

If you’re improving your current home, your design-build firm will assess key parameters like codes, compliance requirements, topography, and usable on-site natural resources.

With no conflicts between the architect and contractor over design interpretations, or how to build or remodel your home, you’ll get the best value. 

Everyone brings their expertise to the project. Design and budget solutions are arrived at early in the process, and you can expect rapid delivery because design and construction happen together.

With one-stop-shopping, there is no blame game or finger pointing when something goes wrong. The design-build team is a single point of contact forming a unified front that helps create an enjoyable working experience for everyone involved.

Selecting the right design-build partner:

You want to hire someone with the best credentials, experience and expertise, one with a project team in whom you have confidence.

Look for:

  • Long list of references and a portfolio of projects you love.
  • Someone who will translate your vision into the new or renovated residence you imagine.
  • Experience building in the neighborhood where you want to live.
  • Great communication.
  • Expertise in all aspects of construction and design.

Give Joy Design + Build a call. We’d love to hear about your dream home!