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When you think about bookcases in your home, what is the first thing you think of?

Shelves filled with books and perhaps a few family photos and mementos? Book storage is important to have, but custom built-in bookcases can open you and your home design up to a multitude of unexpected possibilities! 
At Joy Design + Build, our goal is to help our clients make personal and purposeful selections that are both trending and timeless. Take a look at what trends we are seeing for built-in bookcases and what unexpected ways people are transforming this home design staple.

1. Don’t Be A Square…or Rectangle

Bookcases are often thought of in terms of rectangular shape, but adding some curves can really transform the look and feel of this space. Your eye will be drawn up to the arch and follow it around in a way that showcases your collections. Adding an arch also adds the element of opulence. Some of the most iconic structures are known for arches and curves in their designs. Naturally we relax our minds and vision when viewing curved shapes, so you’re adding the extra element of peace and relaxation to the space.

2. It’s Not Always A Straight Line

While adding curves to the overall outline shape has its appeals, so does the concept of creative millwork.  Who says shelves have to be a straight line?  Turn your bookcase into a show stopping focal point with combinations of shapes and geometry. Add your favorite books, art, or pops of color and you have an instant conversation piece.  Stepping outside of the ordinary doesn’t have to be without function. 

3. Paying Homage to Libraries of the Past

Classic design gets a nostalgic touch with trends like library drawers. If you’re of the age that used card catalogs, this is a way to pay homage to the librarians that painstakingly organized books and materials while also having an aesthetically pleasing organization option in your home. 

4. Not Just For Books Anymore

While built in bookcases are often used to organize and display books, you aren’t limited to just that. Customize your space to fit your passions. Show off your collection of keepsakes from  your travels, display your love of a certain color, add a dry bar and wine fridge to have your favorite beverage right at hand. Customization is just that, it is to create custom space for you and your lifestyle. 

5. Keep Your Secrets Hidden

Storage will always be one of the biggest factors to consider when designing a functional space. Use your built in bookcase as an opportunity to keep your office equipment handy, but hidden. Cords can be easily hidden with a few well placed outlets. With so many of us working from home now, having the ability to separate work life and home life is an important balance. With the right design you can easily take your space from work mode to relax mode. 

6. Color Your World

Customizing isn’t just limited to the size and shape. Add a personalized detail with your favorite shade of paint, or a wallpaper pattern that fits your style. 

With Joy Build + Design, we recognize your individuality. Our Design Concierge team will help you define a style that’s just right for you, guide you through the multitude of selections and ensure that your built ins are a match to your taste and lifestyle needs. 

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