When a client was looking for a very special “whitest possible finish” on the hardwood flooring in their new custom home, the Joy Design + Build Team reached out to a trusted partner, Royal Oaks Flooring.

The project included sanding 7,500 square feet of oak including three sets of stairs.

Rubio Monocoat’s Pre-Color Nordic White + two coats of Super White hard wax oil were chosen. Royal Oaks went to work.

Once the flooring was sanded to perfection, they water popped the wood to open up the grain to achieve a better pre-color result.

After water popping came the tape. The flooring experts meticulously applied the pre-color small section by small section, carefully avoiding lap marks.

After 24 hours of drying, the floors were ready to be buffed with a special pad “to knock down the grain raise from all the water.”

Next step, apply the Rubio Super White oil/ natural floor oil/ hard wax oil.

The first coat of oil was applied with a trowel followed by buffing with a special pad to push the oil as deep as possible into the wood’s fibers. This three-day process ensured that all the wood fibers were filled correctly and fully protected.

Buff. Buff. Buff.

After the seventh day, floors were, as Royal Oaks Flooring proudly described, “bulletproof.”