Thinking about a home renovation?

First thing you’ll want to do is decide what you want to accomplish. Is it to increase the value of your property for resale, restore an historic property or perhaps add an addition for your growing family?

Whatever your goals, hiring a professional designer may be your best avenue to bringing your vision to life.

Your renovation depends on the people who are doing the work so choosing the best contractors for your project is absolutely essential.

Ok, you know your contractor’s reputation and checked their references, but have you met the crew? These are the people who will be coming through your home for several months or longer. Make sure you’re on board with the whole team.

At the beginning of the project, get a clear overview and schedule from your general contractor so you can see what will be happening from week to week. Relax. Know in advance that your project will most likely take longer than anticipated, so prepare at the onset for delays.

If you can, schedule the majority of the major demolition and construction work during a time that you don’t need to be in the home and can get away.

With all the dust and debris that’s part of any remodeling project, open the window and be sure to keep your home ventilated. Establish a plan and place for handling trash that’s away from sensitive areas, such as gardens or porches, and have it hauled away on a regular basis.

If you’re relocating during the renovation, pack like you’re moving so that when construction begins, nothing will be ruined. You’ll be glad you labeled everything when it’s time to unpack! Electronic equipment, furniture, and floors should be covered too.

If you’ve decided to stay, you’ll want to set up a section of your home to escape to. This is especially true if your renovation includes a kitchen remodel. Be sure you have access to a sink if you plan to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in the house.

Fast-forward. Well, maybe slow forward. It’s almost done. You’ve survived the mess, cranky kids, confused pets and not being able to find your favorite running shoes. Hire a cleaning crew for a very thorough post renovation clean sweep

Uncork. It’s time to celebrate!