For walls, that is. Everything from arctic white to café au lait is trending brightly these days. And for good reason. A neutral color scheme is the ideal palette, providing an excellent backdrop, a welcome visual break, and an air of calm for any space.

Here are five reasons why selecting a neutral palette for your home works so well:

1. Stylistically Versatile

Whether your aesthetic is modern, traditional, eclectic, country French or farmhouse chic, a neutral backdrop creates a clean, spacious feeling.

With a neutral background, your personal style is front and center.

2. Shows Off Furnishings and Textures

Neutral colors provide an invisible background, especially so in contemporary and modern interiors where highlighting the lines of furniture is key to the look.

Layering in some tone-on-tone texture with rough-hewn wood, shiny tiles, nubby linens, brushed velvet, or well-worn leather makes for an anything-but-boring neutral space.

3. Always Classic

You’ll avoid buyers remorse. That crimson red lacquered accent wall age but a neutral wall will never need to be repainted.

Neutrals never grow old. You can brighten things up with a lush bouquet of flowers, some vibrant throw pillows, or a colorful objet d’art.

4. Warm or Cool

Feel free to go from light to dark, just keep it in the family.

All colors have either warm or cool undertones. Warm undertones will be slightly green or yellow, while cool undertones will be a bit blue or violet.

Here’s a tip: Grab a white paint chip with several whites and look at the darkest color at the bottom. If it’s green, it’s a warm white. If it’s pink, it’s a cool white.

5. Accents Architectural Details

Think wainscoting, chair rails, panelling, ceiling medallions, spiral staircases, and crown molding.

Neutrals allow the architectural elements of your design to take center-stage.

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