GreyHunt Interiors is an interior design firm specializing in transforming residential spaces by delivering accessible luxury to the Northern Virginia community and beyond. GHI is known for exceeding clients’ expectations in creating personalized and invitingly cohesive environments for both full-scale and room-by-room projects.

We recently had a chance to sit down with GHI founder, Sallie Finney Kjos to learn more.

Sallie Finney Kjos

Joy: How would you describe GreyHunt Interiors signature style?  

Sallie: That is a great question! I would say that I try not to have one set “style”, but instead create cohesive designs.  Since I started designing 20+ years ago,  I’ve noticed that so often people design just one room, in isolation, and ignore the rest of the house. I, on the other hand, try to connect the “visual dots”, by designing a room with the whole house in-mind.  I also bring to the table a design approach where I utilize many different styles and aesthetics, so that I’m not a “one trick pony” designer. I will say though, that my designs have a few visual identifiers, like the fact that I tend to use high contrast, a mix of styles, and a feeling of approachability, to create my signature cohesive look.

Joy: Why do clients choose you to design or reimagine their homes?

Sallie: Besides being a cohesive designer, I think that I am also a very approachable designer, and one that really listens to my clients. You can see my understanding of the client and their needs by the way that each of my designs are so different, they clearly reflect exactly who I am designing for.  Offering livable, affordable luxury in my design, is also key for our clients. They know that I mix-in a variety of different price points in a way that is seamless, but still values their hard earned money. 

Joy:  We love how fashion inspires you. What are some of your favorite pairings? 

Sallie: I just got back from New York Fashion Week with Brizo Faucet, attending the Jason Wu Fall 2020 show.  His work always inspires me!  I told Jason Wu at the after party, that I love how his line also reflects what is so strong in home design.  He manages to bring in color mixing, unique silhouettes and lines, and texture into his work.  All of these things are key elements in a great interior design as well. You can check out our most recent blog post to see how we matched up his garments with inspired interiors!

Joy: What mistakes do clients most often make that you save them from? 

Sallie: Oh goodness… so many, so so many!  Hard finishes are key; such as the right countertop, or the perfect backsplash, and I help a lot of clients with these difficult, but crucial, decisions. I do have a lot of people ask me when they should bring a designer into the process, and I always say at the moment of “renovation conception”. The second you decide you want to do something, bring a designer in to guide you!  You don’t want to redo backsplash or cheap-out on faucets, that will cost you in the future. You want to pick the right finishes and materials from the start.  With other clients who are looking mostly for furnishings, I tell them that it is about making the design cohesive, and knowing which pieces to invest in, so you should bring on a designer as early as possible. For example, I often guide clients towards investing in quality construction and performance fabrics for a family room sofa, rather than a sitting room, as the family room sofa gets a lot more use and must be more livable. These are the unique perspectives that only an experienced designer can bring you!

Joy:  Your collaboration with Sunpan helps bring quality furnishings to your clients. How does their trade program work? 

Sallie: We love Sunpan!  They have such a fresh look, and a fun vibe.  We have loved working with them, and always can’t wait to see what is new from them at Market.  They of course give designers discounts, and shipping is fairly quick to your local receiver, so I always recommend checking out their products!

Joy: What part of the design process do you find most rewarding? 

Sallie: 100% it is seeing how happy my designs make my clients, and how it changes the way they feel about, and live in, their homes. It is such a gift to me to see the beauty that comes from within a client, when you change the back drop of their life. 

Joy:  Giving back to the community is a commitment of GreyHunt Interiors. Tell us about some of your charitable projects. 

Sallie: It truly is so important that we give back.  GHI is a sponsor of the local Dulles South Food Pantry, Charity Water, Serve our Willing Warriors, St. Judes, and many more wonderful organizations.  I believe that we can all make a difference, even if it is only a small contribution, it still goes a long way.

Joy: Can you give us a sneak peek at your Middleburg Manor project? 

Sallie: Yes! I am very excited to share this one!  It should be out late Spring in Southern Homes

Joy: What interior trends for 2020 do you love most? 

Sallie: I think that the most exciting trend is that people are starting to really figure out that you can throw out the whole “rule book” for design. Nowadays, interior design is all about having fun and mixing-and-matching… as long as it is done in good taste.  Long gone are the matching bedroom sets, and matchy-matchy designs of the past, instead we’re all moving toward more layered and interesting designs!

Joy: What is your most cherished item in your own home? 

Sallie: This is the hardest question by far! Besides my boys Hunter, Greyson, and my fiancé Judd… I would have to say my round gold convex mirror.  It was my Poppy’s, my mother’s father, and it lived in the hallway of his bungalow in Watford, England for years.  I remember loving it when I went there for a visit when I was younger, and when he passed, the mirror was gifted to me. I treasure it dearly because it reminds me of him, always!

All photos courtesy GreyHunt Interiors