A natural beauty. Has adorable dimples. Invites excessive touching. Trendy and chic. Oh, and has lots of character too.

The hottest countertop is leathered granite!

With its slightly rough, tactile finish and availability in a variety of tones and textures, leathered granite may just be your perfect choice. Whichever shade of stone you pick, leathering makes the natural color of the granite pop. You choose the color and then customize exactly how much texture you want.

With its non-reflective surface, leathered granite provides a bit more functionality than polished stone. The process closes the pores in the stone to increase stain and bacterial resistance, and also hides fingerprints, water spots and smudges. And those dimples? That unique texture comes from diamond-tipped brushes that are run over honed granite.

As with any stone countertop, be sure to have your fabricator seal the granite surface.

Your kitchen isn’t the only room that looks great in leather. Try it in your bathrooms and outdoor living areas too.

Let your professional design team help you choose the best finish for all your countertops.

Photo with wine bottle courtesy of joycustom.com

Photo of black countertop courtesy of graniteliquidators.com