“Shut the front door” didn’t always mean that. Remember when it was a call to keeping the dog in and the elements out?

Dutch. Double. Pivot.

From solid and flush to glass-paneled and arched fanlight, so many options.

If you’re remodeling or designing your custom home, you’ll want to start with the basics:

  • What’s my style?
  • Do I want the front door to match my interior doors?
  • Will the front door be exposed to extreme weather?
  • Do I want privacy?
  • What color should it be?

Wood is the material of choice for custom and luxury installations and is available to fit any home style, from colonial and craftsman to contemporary.

Want plenty of light? Choose a modern wood and glass panel front door. The glass can be frosted or etched for privacy.

For an artisanal look that’s low maintenance, consider metal. Often with an insulating foam core covered by a durable layer of steel, metal doors can be painted any color, or, in keeping with the industrial trend, black, copper or stainless steel.

A large-scale, floor-to-ceiling door that pivots on an axis instead of opening and closing from a wall-mounted hinge, a pivot front door is a great choice if a door jamb isn’t possible or if the door is very heavy.

French or casement doors usually come in pairs, with each door featuring a frame around one or more window panels.  French doors typically are installed to introduce formal living areas or to provide access to outdoor living areas.

Popular for entryways, fiberglass doors are energy efficient and available in a variety of styles and finishes, including grain patterns which emulate wood.

Barn doors, popular in country decor becoming more popular, are often made of reclaimed wood embellished with classic “z” or “x” designs in wrought iron.

Dating back to the 17th century, Dutch doors were originally designed to admit light and air while keeping out wild animals and livestock. Divided
horizontally, the top half can be open while the bottom half remains closed.

Patio doors are often glass panels featuring a hinged or sliding construction to bring the outdoors inside.

Nothing says curb appeal like the perfect entranceway.

For professional inspiration on choosing the right doors, consult your design concierge.