Iconic American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright said, “The hearth is the psychological center of the home,” and throughout his career incorporated fireplaces into all of his celebrated homes to express the values and ideals about family life. 

Since the earliest of times, fire has kept us warm. Over centuries, fireplaces grew to where families could gather for warmth and light, and eventually cook with a spit. In the 16th century, chimneys started appearing in houses, leading the way to baking at home with built in ovens.

Today, fireplaces can be wherever you are. Design-wise, they create an immediate focus and bring symmetry to a room. An antique marble fireplace can grace an ultra-modern living room, while a traditional home may include a sleek rectangular box of dancing flames. 

Create a romantic setting for a dreamy escape without leaving home. A wood fireplace can keep you warm and add light when the electricity goes out, and a wood-burning stove generates old-world charm while you cook.

Wood, electric, gas?

If curling up by a fireplace, flames crackling on an open hearth is your idea of bliss, wood-burning is for you. But if your home doesn’t already have a chimney or you haven’t included one in your design-build plans, it can be difficult to add one.

You have more options with venting when it comes to a gas fireplace, so if a traditional roof-venting chimney isn’t feasible for your home, you can opt for a direct-vent or vent-free unit.

Double-sided, elevated and hanging fireplaces can add modern, luxurious touches to small spaces. Electric and gas fireplaces can be installed in unique areas, including kitchen cabinets.

Your design-build partner can incorporate smart home technology into your fireplace with automatic shutoffs, the ability to control how much heat is expelled, which days and times you want the fireplace to kick on.

Glass-enclosed, two-sided or a surround, your fireplace can add ambiance and architectural interest to your dream home.

What’s your burning desire?  Let your design-build team help light your fire.

Photos: www.fireplacesolutions.com