Unless you’re actually decorating a barn, you don’t need a barn door. Same goes for an antique rusty tricycle or a weathered sign to a place that no longer exists.

Modern farmhouse decor is a nostalgic reminder of simpler times, of cozy ticking stripe slipcovered sofas, metal-framed beds and rustic dining tables. Pastoral comfort combined with the sleek, clean lines of contemporary design for a chic twist on country living.

A relatively new style, modern farmhouse can be traced to the interior design firm, Jersey Ice Cream Company that started remodeling homes with reclaimed wood and farmhouse sinks in 2010. The aesthetic shares influences with the romantic, cottage-style shabby chic style of the 1980s.

As in Scandinavian decor, modern farmhouse is practical and natural.

Hallmarks of modern farmhouse style: furniture made from reclaimed timbers, stone walls, natural linens, trestle tables, copper pots, a neutral palette, exposed beams, oversized industrial pendant lighting, metal barstools, exposed stove pipes. And lots of white paint. On walls, wide-planked floors and upholstery.

Consider bringing layers of texture into your open-plan rooms with throw pillows, a pop of natural color with greenery, or herringbone backsplash tiles in the kitchen. 

If you’re looking to decorate your new custom-designed modern farmhouse home, be sure to include family portraits, hand-made quilts and storage chests for a most authentic nod to your roots.

Concrete floors, mixed metal accents and industrial lighting bring the modern into your modern farmhouse decor.