Alexa, tell us what’s new in home technology, please.

Play music, dim the lights, start your coffee pot, and lock the door all by voice command. Raising your home’s IQ is all about creating an environment that makes our spaces more functional. 

On-demand service and luxury go hand-in-hand. According to Eddie Shapiro at SmartTouch: “More and more clients are designing technology into their outdoor spaces. From cooking and refrigeration systems to great outdoor TV systems and fabulous audio, WiFi connects all the places in your home and to your smart devices.”   


Fluffy may bark but he’s not likely to be your family’s best security guard. Smart security products keep intruders out and you safe.

There are smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and outdoor security light and doorbells that detect visitors that connect to your phone or WiFi network. That way you can see who the visitor is through the camera’s live feed. Has your food delivery arrived, kids home from school yet?


Smart thermostats learn what temperature you like and can read the outside temperature and adjust accordingly.


You know your friends and family love to hang out in the kitchen. A motion activated faucet will let you, with a single motion of your hand, easily turn the faucet on and off which, great for convenience and preventing the spread of germs.

Touch-screen refrigerators maintain your family’s grocery list and smart ovens that self heat and clean when you need them to, make efficiency in the kitchen so much easier.

A digital electric smoker grill means never running outside hoping the steaks aren’t burned. It alerts you on your smart device when your grill is preheated, what the internal meat temperature is, and when your meat or fish is fully cooked.


A smart mirror, controlled remotely or by voice, can simulate different lighting scenarios (sunset, restaurant/party, mall, office, sunny day) so you can apply just the right amount of makeup or creams. Equipped with a camera, the mirror can help analyze and monitor your skin’s condition, and store data so you can accurately track the effectiveness of your skincare routines.

A shower with a waterproof touchscreen display can customize water temperature and pressure, steam levels, lighting, and even your choice of music. 


With smart bulbs, color-changing bulbs, wall panels, light strips and dimmable smart switches, you can control lighting in every room. 

Block the sun and catch some extra sleep without even getting out of bed when you control your blinds with your smartphone.


pool cleaning robot will keep your pool sparkling clean with its own vacuum, filter and pump. It does it all without making use of the pool’s hoses, filtration system, and pumps.

smart sprinkler saves you water and keeps your grass green.


Air-purifiers with smart self-adjusting sensors controls odor, germs, smoke, contaminant, and overall air quality control.


Companies like Crestron offer a variety of touch-screens that respond to different preferences and allow seamless control over all of your systems including lighting and shade control.

Getting ready to customize your home? Give us a call for the best smart technology for your family.

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