Building a custom home that is a tribute to your imagination and genius is at the top of the homeownership bucket list and of course #goals. But there’s one question that we always get asked before a new project starts. Can you guess what it is?

“How much will building a custom home cost?”

Unfortunately, there’s no crystal ball we can use to predict the cost of your custom home. There are many factors and considerations involved; however, there are some basic estimations we can use to help determine how much building a custom home will cost.

Estimated Cost Of A Custom Build House

In our recent post on a simple process for calculating the cost of your custom home, we went over the importance of knowing the cost per square footage in your area. Typically, the homes we build start around 3 million; however, we know that Maryland and Northern Virginia are highly desirable areas that can vary and typically cost well above the national average.

Keep in mind that the national average is just an estimated cost to help you formulate a budget. The average may change depending on:

  • The covered area of your house
  • The size of your dream home
  • The total area
  • The quality of materials used for production
  • The cost of labor
  • Payment of architecture
  • Builders’ fee
  • Custom rooms (movie theaters, exercise room, dog wash stations, meditation room, etc.)
  • Exterior landscaping and the maturity of plants being used
  • Indoor or outdoor pool
  • Covered loggia or pergola

Besides the cost of purchasing land, demolishing may also add additional costs to your custom home build.

So, when it comes to answering how much building a custom home costs, you need to consider all significant expenses that go into building the frame and structure of the house and of course any customizations. At Joy Desing + Build, we are all about the customization of your home. It’s the extra touches that truly make it one of a kind.

Land And Preconstruction Cost

Acquiring a piece of land is the first step towards building a custom home. The price of land varies from region to region and the view you intend to have from the terrace of your new home. Then, come other costs that you might incur in preparing the land before starting the construction.

If the plot has a structure that needs to be demolished, this will be an additional cost to the building of your home. Pricing for demolition will vary by where you live and the size of the structure or structures.

Cost Of Housing Plans
You need to hire a housing plan service to help you design the home of your choice. Whatever ideas you have in your mind, a housing plan company is needed to help you pick the best plan that delivers style and comfort. Housing plans include hiring professionals for such as:

  • Architect cost
  • Engineer cost
  • General contractor cost
  • Interior designer cost

Alternatively, you can hire a design build company (like Joy Design + Build, wink wink), which conveniently includes all those costs. We have each of the above teams on staff to help bring your dream home to fruition.

Utility, Water, And Sewage Inspection
Your dream house will need all the basic utilities along with proper water and sewage system to keep things well-maintained. Urban areas usually have land with extension lines provided by the developers, but you will need to create these basic facilities in rural areas.

Acquiring Building Permits
Acquiring a building permit is a necessary expense for building a custom home. The National average cost of a building permit is around $1,300. The cost of a building permit may be high depending on the city-wise location. You can expect to pay as high as $7,500. For remodeling and custom-build houses, the cost of the permit ranges between $1,200 – $2,000.

Cost Of Building The Exterior

Once you are finished with the land expenses, it’s time to consider the construction work expenses. There are a lot of things that go into designing the exterior of your house. The cost of building the exterior of your house will constitute about 50% of your total budget. The quality and quantity of material will impact your overall budget.

The foundation is the base of your home and constitutes the largest part of your home. This isn’t an area where you want to take shortcuts. Using top-quality materials on your foundation is critical. When building the foundation, you also will need to decide whether or not you’ll be adding a basement. Adding a basement will increase your cost per square foot, but also give you a lot more square footage to work with when creating your dream spaces.

Framing includes roofing, the exterior structure of your custom build house, size of rooms, flooring, walls, windows, trusses, and subfloors.

When it comes to roofing, there are more options than you might think. The cost of this project will vary depending on the type of roofing you go with the size, and the cost of installation.

You need your custom-made home to be strong and durable to protect you from all sorts of weather. For this, you need to make appropriate investments, use top-quality materials, and employ the best labor. Common materials used for siding include vinyl, brick, wood, and metal.

Finishing Jobs
The house exterior needs other compulsory finishing jobs that include:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Wiring
  • HVAC
  • Driveway
  • Landscaping
  • Indoor or outdoor pool
  • Outdoor structures

Cost Of Designing The Interior

Designing the interior of your home depends totally on your choice, taste, the level of comfort you wish to enjoy, how many luxuries you’re planning to add, and your total interior design budget.

Fortunately, design services range in price and there’s almost always an option to fit within your price range. For example, if you’re not ready to commit to full-service design, perhaps a professional designer charging an hourly rate is a better fit for your interior design project.

The experience level of the designer is also a consideration. The more experienced and sought after the designer, the higher their hourly rate is likely to be.

Instead of hourly, you may also want to consider a flat design fee. This allows you to factor the cost into your custom home budget upfront and avoid unexpected design expenses later.

So, now you know how much building a custom home costs. Lastly, we would like to leave you with this piece of advice to make things easier for you…

“Always draw a detailed estimate including all the fixtures and fittings and add 15% for unplanned costs.”

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