Organizing your garage is easier than you think.

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Cleaning out a garage and reorganizing it is usually an intimidating task to most people. But, with the tips he has laid out here and all the free time that this quarantine provides, you should be able to handle it with no problem at all. 

The average spring cleaning may or may not include a complete reorganizing of your garage, but with Covid-19 in full effect, you almost certainly have enough time to do it this year.

Garages can hold a lot of stuff though, so it can be a daunting challenge to organize yours even with endless time to do so. 

If you’re planning on tackling the typically-monstrous challenge of organizing your garage during this quarantine down-time, here are five tips you can use to help.

Garage Storage
Garage Storage

1. Start from the Bottom

By the bottom, we mean the floor. Yep, that means resealing your floor if it’s made of concrete. Unless you’ve just done maintenance on it, chances are it’s due for a resealing. Here’s a complete guide on how to remove concrete sealer if you need a refresher. Once you get your floor looking fresh and shiny again, you’ll be ready to move on to the actual organizing of your stuff.

Garage Storage

2. Install Some Cabinets

Before you can organize your stuff properly, you need a place to put at least some of it. If you don’t already have cabinets in your garage or your garage cabinets aren’t up to snuff anymore, now is the perfect time to install some garage cabinets. 

If you want to install some cabinets in your garage to help yourself get more organized and clear up some space there are plenty of companies in the Northern Virginia area that are experts in installing garage cabinets. Going through a professional installer ensures that the cabinets get installed properly, just make sure you go through a company you trust and get quality materials.

3. Take it All Out

Especially if you have a garage packed with stuff, reorganizing it in place can be next to impossible. Instead, take everything out and then put it back in as you see fit. This way, you can get a complete inventory of all your stuff and choose a better place to put it this time. For garage owners who tend to just pack stuff on top as they accumulate it, this can totally transform your garage.

4. Designate Certain Areas

If you’ve got a certain niche of items taking up a lot of space, like bicycles, tools, or anything else, designate one area of the garage for those items. If you want, you can even categorize everything into its own group and organize your garage based upon those categories.

Garage Storage

5. Maximize Your Wall Space

If you have stuff you can hang on the walls, you should place hooks and other hanging places for them on your walls. By hanging items like tools and other miscellaneous possessions on the walls, you can really make a small garage seem much bigger than it actually is. If you have a bicycle or even multiple, hanging racks for bikes are a perfect way to clear up some space and make your garage more presentable.

Wall Bike Rack
Garage Storage

Inspired to start a full garage refresh? Call our friends at Tailored Living, who provided all of these photos.