Custom houses are unbeatable when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind living space suited to your tastes. The process begins with forming a partnership with a home builder experienced in producing smart and exquisite homes. The result is a high-end bespoke home completely customized to your unique style.

Over the years, we’ve helped bring many extraordinary homes to life. Take the family who was wild about pickleball, where we installed an indoor pickleball court in their basement, or the miniature replica of a client’s childhood home which he uses as a storage shed. Our team absolutely loves bringing these visions to life.

Here are just a few customizations that are inspiring us right now.

Sanctuary Bathrooms

Custom bathrooms are mainstream for a reason (because they are absolutely brilliant). We said “Sayonara” to shower curtains and rods what feels like decades ago. Our current obsession is this Frankford Steel and Glass shower.

We envision this one surrounded by black and white tile, accented by crown moldings, and hint of color.

Frankford Shower Enclosure
Frankford Shower Enclosure

Stairs with Style

Recently completed by the Joy Design + Build team, this staircase oozes sophistication and style with a minimalist aesthetic. We love the use of metal, glass, and wood along with the custom lighting for added drama. I don’t know about you, but to us this would be the concept they used for the iconic staircase in a 2021 remake of Titanic.

Cinematic Experiences

Ok, quick question… what’s your favorite movie?

Can you envision a scene from that movie brought to life in a home theater? Or maybe it’s a theme from that movie. Well that’s exactly what is happening in this Star Wars-themed cinema.

We can almost feel ourselves sitting in these chairs speeding through time and space. This project features the perfect mix of practicality and creativity — something we look for whenever we are concepting something personal for your home.

The Zen Zone

After 7,457 Zoom calls, who couldn’t use a bit more meditation in their life. This zen space makes it so easy to fall into a meditative state that you might find yourself spending half the day here.

We not only love the simplicity of this meditation room, but also the separation from the main residence. A space like this can be easily repurposed for multiple uses.

The Secret Passage Way

What could be better than a hidden room only you the cunning homeowner know about.

This moving bookcase is a modern take on the classic secret entrance and we are obsessed. What’s behind the bookcase? A wine cellar, billiard room, cigar lounge — who knows!

Each of these projects provides endless inspiration. If you have a custom home idea in mind, contact us to find out how we can help!

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