Wine room. Check. Staging closet. Check. Smart home system. Check.

You’ve thought about your inspirations for every room. But what about luxury lighting? Rococo, gothic, art deco? Or does your taste run more toward the artisanal or industrial? Like artwork, fixtures convey a sense of your personal style.

From the French word for candle holder, chandeliers first started appearing in homes in the 14th century and were made from wood with metal spikes for holding the candles. Over time, they were hung in public spaces like churches and abbeys.

Always conveying a sense of luxury, chandeliers add a bit of dazzle and sparkle (and of course, personalization) throughout your dream home.

How about a crystal chandelier over your freestanding soaking tub?

For your tiniest luminaries, add a mini chandelier to the nursery.

Rules are made to be broken but professionals suggest that a chandelier should be about 12” narrower than the width of the table over which it hangs. You don’t want any bumped heads, so the bottom should be approximately 30 inches above the surface of the dining table.

For the foyer, at least 9 feet from the floor and if there’s a window over the door, you may want to center the chandelier for maximum curb appeal.

Sputnick, empire, waterford, tiered, drum or globe. So many styles. Find yours.